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Why PaaS?

All products supplied are Xerox machines. The Eco Range are units previously placed that have been replaced but have 70% Life remaining.

Eco meaning, decomitioning units with that amount of life remaining would not be enviromentally friendly and it therefore makes it a responsible decision to place these in market and not physically sell these units.


Printer as a Service is exactly what it says, you as a client will be paying for a service, not a product. We will analyze your needs and based on the volume you are printing, pick the relevant volume band for the correct unit to be deployed.


What are your benefits:


No long contracts.

No liability on your books - as this is a service without a fixed term - so off balance sheet and a true operational cost.

No purchasing of expensive cartridges - your toner is included.

No call out fees - your service is included.

No Settlements - there is a cancellation period of 3 months or for immediate cancellation a 3 months cancellation fee.



Pro Active Monitoring

Secure and POPI Compliant

Latest Technology

under construction

under construction

under construction

  • An operating contract without T & C
  • No liability
  • No operating cost!
  • Wanna Upgrade ?
  • Volumes Increased ?
  • Flexibly contract terms
  • Once a Paas subscriber - no settlement to upgrade


                  NO SETTLEMENT

  • Wanna downgrade ?
  • Volumes decreased ?
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Give notice on your current PaaS and Sign a smaller PaaS contract




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